The App

Let’s Read provides a fun, easy way to record video & audio narrations for the kids in your family. Then it synchronizes your recordings with the illustrations from our award-winning collection of picture books.

"Face it, kiddos love tech. So as we bemoan their screen time, let's hear it for an app that personalizes it with stories "read to" kids from the people they love most, their families…"

- Media Post, Appy Awards


Whether Mom is away on business, Dad is overseas, or Grandma wants to bond with her grandkids, children can access the app to see the people they love and share the stories they enjoy.

With Let’s Read you can feel confident that your children are watching and listening to language-rich stories that you've recorded just for them.

Let's Read is built on a secure, private family network and is available for Apple iPhones & iPads.


Our Story

Let's Read was founded by two hard working parents, Chris and Ava Barnes, who are committed to providing the healthiest lifestyle and environment for their kids.


Did You Know?

Young children watch more television than any other age group.

Center For Media Literacy

Fast paced media causes children to have difficulties focusing in a regular paced world.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Reading lays the foundation for a child’s love of learning.